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Garageband for PC Windows 10/8/7 And Mac

Garageband is an amazing music creation studio app. This app comes with lot of reality base features. It is a best option for music lover and music artist. Garageband is specially designed by Apple. It is allow you to create your own music tracks and podcasts. With Garageband for PC you can create and edit your tracks, lyrics and background music by yourself. It is a best option for artist as well. Because in this app so many features which really helpful in studio during recording. Garageband also help you while you are playing in front of audience.

garageband for pc

If you want to be a DJ of your party then Garageband can fulfil your wish. You just install this app on your device and control your party sound by yourself and become a cool DJ at the house party.You also can be a famous artist after sharing your tracks and lyrics worldwide with Garageband . So we must say it is a best instrument over all.

Garageband for PC is an incredible software which is easy to use.This is available for not only those who take music as their hobby. It is also help you to use it as professional to create new music and tracks. This app comes with endless tunes and also help you to learn music. So for using Garageband you don’t need to be trained. Just install it on your device and start using it.

This app is only available for Mac and iOS devices. They can install this app direct from iTunes free of cost. But their are many music lover who really want to install this app on there PC Windows and Laptops. So no need to worry about it more. Because you are on the right place. Here we will guide you how you can install Gargeband for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Laptops. You can install this app very easily with the given steps below. First checkout the main features of this app and let us clear few question for you, which help you to know about this app more.

Main Features of Garageband:

Garageband for PC comes with lot of amazing features which help you to create you own strong quality music for your track. And of you are beginner in the music industry then you can use melodious tuned for your track as well. Check out its other features below.

  • Its internal keyboard can help you to create your own music.
  • You can play different kind of music in your device with MIDI keyboard.
  • It is also help you to improve your sound and other tunes in any music.
  • With one click you can share your music worldwide.
  • Its live loop feature help you to creat your own loops with live instrument like guitar. You also can creat a music like DJ and record your Live Loop performance as well.
  • Audio Unit extensions feature help you to record your performance from third-party music apps directly on Garageband.
  • Sampler allow you to creat your own Instrument.
  • You also can play an entire string orchestra with its Smart String feature.
  • Gargeband also help you to record the movement of controls and automate the volume on Touch Instruments.
  • This app also allow you to creat or custom ringtones for your device.
  • It also allow you to add virtual session Drummer to your song. You also can choose from 9 acoustic or electronic drummer as well.
  • Each Drummer in Gargeband provide their own sound and also help you to creat million grooves and fills.
  • You can play over 150 synth patches with new Alchemy Touch Instrument.
  • It help you to back up the edited songs in iCloud directly.

What is Garageband ?

Garageband is one of best music creating app. This app allow you to creat and edit your own music and podcast . Garageband let you share your own music and tracks with everyone. This app comes with reality base instruments. Now you can play endless tunes and can be a DJ of your own party. It is a complete music studio inside.

Is GarageBand Windows version available ?

Garagband is not available for PC Windows .Apple made this app for their own devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac. So PC Windows and android user cannot install this app directly. But in our article we will help you to download this app on your PC Windows and Android devices.

What is the price of Garageband App?

This app is tottaly free for all Apple devices. PC Windows user can also install this app free of cost. But if yo want to add some additionl instruments than yo have to pay for them. You have to pay $4.99 for each products.

What is the use of Garageband?

Garageband help you to learn and play music very quickly. On this app you can creat your own music and postcard and share it worldwide. This app also allow you to play any instrument live and help you to understand about guitar, drums, piano and all other instruments which you really want to learn. With Garageband you can record Live Loop performance through a microphone as well. With use of Garageband app you can be a good musician ever.

How do you play the piano on Garageband?

Playing Piano on Garageband is not as tough . Simply follow the instruction below and start playing your favorite instrument like piano on your device.
  • Just select Window and Show Musical Typing Or just press Command-K.
  • Now just Click on the upper left area button on the window.
  • For playing the onscreen keyboard just click the notes on the Keyboard. ( when project is playing or stopped then you can click on it. also during recording can click on record. And if you click on the keyboard lower notes than the keyboard play high velocity and if you click on higher plays than will play lower velocity).
  • So if you want to change the range of the onscreen keyboard, then use one of the following method.
  • Just drag the blue rectangle in the overview over the range.
  • Now move it where you clicked.
  • And if you want to lower or raise the range by an octave then click the small triangles to the left and right of the keys.

How do you use the amp on Garageband?

If you are mixing your amp or  want to use Garageband amps then go to the track listing on the left and select the guitar tracks. And on the right side you can choose amp as well up to you.  From there you also can choose different preset sounds. And also can adjust the base treble and many other things from the screen.

How To Download Grageband For PC/Mac – Windows 10/8/7

For downloading Garageband on PC/Windows you need to follow instructions below:

  • Get iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac.
  • There are many iOS Emulator but we suggest iPadian, as it is best and reliable.
  • Download iPadian from here. (it will charge $20)
  • Open iPadian downloaded .EXE file and launch the setup.
  • It will take some time to extract files and configure with system.
  • After successful installtion, open iPadian and locate App Store app. it will be pre installed on iPadian.
  • Now open “App Store” app and write in search ” Garageband”.
  • Now hit the install button.
  • Back to main screen on iPadian and locate your app.